Put yourself in control.

Child Being a teenager means getting to explore an exciting new world — of school, activities, and relationships. But with that world can come dangers: perils that are brought about, unfortunately, by people you’re romantically or intimately involved with.

Child Did you know that young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rates of dating violence in the U.S.? Dating violence includes stalking, assault, battery, cyber-bullying, excessive texting, verbal abuse, and rape.

At the Haven, we offer classes that are designed especially to help you see the warning signs of dating violence, and protect yourself from physical and mental abuse. Specifically, we offer classes in:

  • Self defense
  • Dating violence prevention
  • Date rape drug awareness

After all, the best way to be in control is to be confident in who you are — by recognizing danger signs, and knowing what to do about them.

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